• September 7th
    SwiftConf(keynote: true)
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    Building Real-Time Apps in Swift
    Learn why and how to move on from simple data fetching to live queries, continuity and push notifications on iOS. In this talk we'll discuss: - Pros and Cons of moving away from RESTful data feeds and building real-time applications - Tracking changes to your data live using CloudKit and other libraries - Building seamless experiences by including Handoff and Push Notifications - Sending events in real-time across multiple platforms using Swift
    A little respect for MVC
  • Pre-Conference Meetup
    September 6th
    8pm - late~ish
    Pre-Conference Dinner
    Nobody *needs* to be there the day before but if you're already in Köln, it's a great way to meet us already.

    Many conferences do exclusive Speaker Dinners (between Conf Organizers and Speakers). We don't like that. We think the attendees are at least as important as the speakers and so we'll meet all together somewhere to be defined.



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