2016: Back in September?

We’re still not sure to 100% that we’ll be back in 2016, but if we do, it’s not for June or July. Last year told us those dates weren’t ideal, for many reasons. So there you have it, if you’d want to start thinking about it, we’d probably do it again in September.

Also, we’ll change a few stuff — first being the price, we’ll be cheaper. It probably means we’ll be at a less “luxuary” location but I get the impression this is what people wants. Also we might skip on the expensive (for us and for you) conference dinner, relying on a gathering in the evening where everybody pays for his own.

I’m writing this because I’ve been approached by my Team manager @ 7P about doing SwiftConf again in 2016 — maybe, so thanks to him/them. Follow us on Twitter @SwiftConf (oh and really, seriously, visit http://swiftconf.com — we’ll remove most of the references to Objective Cologne in the next few weeks).

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