SwiftConf is a small conference for great Developers. Started as ObjCGN in 2012 and since the release of Swift in 2014 focussed on Swift and the whole ecosystem around it. Join our community for two days of sessions, networking and collaboration.The main focus is on Swift, iOS, macOS, Objective-C, development, creativity and social topics.




Est. 2012, SwiftConf has proven to be a great conference for Cocoa Developers. It means we’re onto iOS, but also Mac, and now, obviously Watch. The original name, ObjCGN (short for “Objective-Cologne) was obviously about Objective-C, but since 2014 we are totally focussed on Swift. As a matter of fact, since that year has seen the Open Sourcing of Swift, and some interesting ideas like Swift on the Server or Swift for Android, we’re now more open to explore new universe, although we surely still are this bunch of Apple nerds.








SwiftConf takes place in Cologne (“Köln” in German, pronounced /kəˈloʊn/), Germanys fourth largest city and well known for its carnival, beer culture and the famous Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom). Its central location in the heart of Europe makes it easy to reach from any European location, either via plane, train or by car.

Cologne is a beautiful city to visit, and there are lots of other interesting places in the area that are perfect for some sightseeing before or after the conference.

Since 2016 the conference and all its activities happen directly at the Seven Principles (7P)  offices in beautiful Cologne Kalk, not far away from Koelnmesse (Cologne Trade Fair), Lanxess Arena and Köln Arcaden shopping center.




SwiftConf happens after WWDC, so there is always a lot to talk about. We usually shoot for September for the conference, so that you can take some rest during summer and then come back and learn about all those new things in iOS, macOS, Swift and the rest of the Apple ecosystem.


Both conference days are fully packed. With 10 sessions as well as 2 panels (one each day) from known speakers from all around the world. You don’t have to be in the conference room though, we also have other rooms where you can sit with or without your laptop and speak about a specific problem with the other attendees or speakers. We also have a beautiful roof terrace where you can enjoy the weather and the view.


7P_Logo_CMYKThe Seven Principles AG is the organizer of the event and its main sponsor. Thanks to them, ticket prices are cheaper than ever.

We are also looking for further sponsors, so if you are interested, please get in touch with us!

Food, Beverage & Accommodation

For the price of the ticket you’ll get food and drinks during the whole conference. This includes coffee and tee, soft drinks, breakfast and lunch as well as beer and barbecue in the evening of the first day.

Accommodation is not included in the conference price and has to be arranged separately. Due to Cologne being a trade fair city (and the trade fair being nearby), there are plenty of Hotels in the vicinity that are favorably priced. We recommend to book early, though, in order to avoid possible price hikes later in the year.