New Amazing Prices thanks to 7P!

Great news today! My company (Seven Principles) decided to put aside the “(little) money making” part of the conference and prefers to see more attendees affording to be with us in about a month. This means, in effect now, we brought back the amazing 429 € price point. Most companies should be able to afford that, if not more (we’re happy if you get a regular ticket).

But wait, that’s not all… We also understand that for many Independent developers, those not having a big company behind them, might be in a somewhat comparable situation to students, financially, so this is why we extend our 299 € ticket to those Independent developers. Think of it as a “Community” Ticket. This is a crazy move by 7P, and we hope many of you will understand the value. We’re talking 3 days where you got all your lunch paid. 2 days of conference where you get all your drinks. One Dinner where you not only have great food but also Beer and Wine.

Clearly I’m proud of being part of Seven Principles. They are, in essence, the main Sponsor behind the Event and you’ll have to take my word for it that they don’t do this in a “ROI” or “Leads” Base, but really in an effort to help me put up further the amazing conference that once was Objective-Cologne and is now SwiftConf!

On the flip side, we have a sad news today :( Max Christ can’t make it with us, this year :( Those things happens and we hope to have Max as a speaker next year. He’s an amazing bloke and rest assured: All our other Speakers will be there. That being said, we’re now opening a “Late CfP” for all of those Attendees that would want to give a short talk during the conference, probably during the first day.

PS: Obviously, those who have paid more and feel they should get a refund for the difference can get in touch with us. We hope some of you understand you’ve been funding the others who can’t afford but we’ll refund you with no question. Also, we’re still open for Sponsorship, as this will make it easier for 7P to organise more affordable events in the future.

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