Enough of the “usual” hotel for a Conference? Well it turns out we at 7P are lucky enough to work in an amazingly beautiful office — something different than the usual conference location. Check this out:

Check out those videos. They are from previous years, so not at this years location, but it gives you a good idea how the general organisation was: Fun!

As for the food, it will be provided by one of our catering we have been regularly using over the past years, so trust us on this.


The price does not include accommodation so you’ll have to find a hotel in the area. Stuff, the speakers, and many from 7P will be staying at the Hotel B&B right around the corner — you should try to ask them if they can apply the special 7P rate for you. We can’t promise but we sure can recommend the hotel. Also, since we’re not so far away from Deutz, if you’re willing to sleep for cheap, there’s the Youth Hostel in Deutz. This one has also the advantage of being more in the center of the city, where you might want to spent your time before / after the conference.

10701 10704 10705-2 10706

Travel, Parking, …

Once you’ve booked your ticket, you might as well go ahead and book your Train (to Cologne “Hbf”/Central Station) or Flight (to Cologne/Bonn “CGN” airport), if you don’t come by car. We’ll give attendees more details about how to reach the different locations (old Auction House, Hotels, …) should they need it. You might also take the train directly to Köln-Deutz, which is just on the other side of the bridge (that side where 7P is). From there, you can either use the “S-Bahn” to “Trimbornstr” or the “U-Bahn” to Kalk Post, and then it’s a 5 Minute walk.

If you come by car, we can’t offer you to park in our Office parking (because it’s shared and full), but there’s an open & cheap Parking here — not where it says “Parking” but where the star is.