Robbery in one of our cars

Last Wednesday while we were preparing everything I got a call from Andreas around 8 am explaining his car was robbed. The window was broken and the thieves had taken:

• My Nikon D-5100 (DSLR) in a blue and black bag.
• A Canon XA G25 (Professional Video Camera)
• A Velbon Tripod
• An Rollup (I guess they thought it was something expensive inside its bag!)

This happened in the underground garage at the Ibis Hotel of Messe Koeln.

if anyone ever sees our beautiful Rollup somewhere in a trash, that could be a sign. The police could use fingerprints or something. If you ever encounter a D-5100 or XA G25 which you doubt is new (e.g. sold in Cologne), please let us know.

This wasn’t the best way to start the conference, but we pulled it, together with the beautiful folks at Boinx Software. Once again thanks to my company Seven Principles (short 7P) for making this happen — but hey, thanks to me as well ;) Hard work pays… Understand this, thieves? “Work”.

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