Thank you all for the amazing time this week!

I spent the last few days with a bunch of smart and nice folks. You guys are beautiful people, or — as I learned — it’s said in english, beautiful “mensch”. We had a set of amazing talks, and also amazing speakers. We are right now uploading pictures, slides, and we will do it with videos most probably later this summer.

You can already check our GitHub page that will have Slides (we’ll post them on SpeakerDeck as well) and our Flickr page as well.

In the meantime, here is an important call to all: if you guys know any company that would like to sponsor the next edition, get them in touch with us. As every year, for most of the independent conferences, we never know about “next year”, but we surely can use any support, especially financial support, to make the amazing amaze again.

See you in Cologne! love, Stuff.

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